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Method of Approach: G.V. Enterprises can manage all your District requirements. We are Project Management Consultants, and we can perform a total leadership package for the District. Specifically, the following may apply:

Pre-Design Management:
  1. Pre-Project Services (if required): Pre-project services will include any meetings or presentations as required by your District for presentation of the program to the citizens of the District. This will include organization and/or participation in and preparation of informational material, statistical data, scheduling and costs.
  2. Consultant Selection: If your consultants have not been selected, a process would be implemented to do this. Proper consultants would be selected and coordinated with District legal counsel. This would be formed around your specified District requirements. G. V. Enterprises would manage the process for the District. Professional contracts would be recommended (negotiated) by G. V. Enterprises in conjunction with the Districtís legal counsel. G. V. Enterprises has saved clients extensive professional fee cost due to their knowledge of the industry requirements.
Design Management Phase:
  1. Work with Specialized District Consultants: G. V. Enterprises will direct any and all specialized District-selected consultants to include any contractor assigned construction managers to help information flow to all design staff concerned.
  2. Facilities Location: Site information will be reviewed regarding utilities, communications, traffic, initial capital expenditure, zoning, and the grading and drainage preliminary study. Keep in mind, design criteria from the District/Users may influence the facility or utility location as well as site grading and drainage. Utility and offsite work can be a staggering cost consideration and will not be ignored. Appropriate funds for work scopes would be reviewed and recommended.
  3. Educational Specifications: G. V. Enterprises will program the District's Educational Specifications. This will be a "comprehensive" effort to better direct the Architect on the District's requirements. The Americans with Disabilities Act Report documentation, along with other mandated programs will be coordinated into the Educational S pecifications program. This process should be included in the architectural fee.
  4. Environmental Criteria: Environmental criteria gathering would be supervised by G. V. Enterprises and compiled into a document by the Architect of Record, if an Architect is retained (verified by G. V. Enterprises), and then submitted to the District for "sign-off". The Americans with Disabilities Act documentation will be coordinated (interfaced) into the environmental criteria. It is extremely important that this information be submitted correctly to the design staff to insure that the District receives the user requirements they desire. All facility mandatory programs will be implemented during this process. The design staff can then be evaluated on their effectiveness in satisfying these requirements at the close of the design process/start of construction documents. This program function is extremely important. This process will save the District costs.
  5. Future Building Requirements: All future requirements, as input by all team members will be taken into consideration. This includes, but is not limited to building location, utility sizing verification, building pad preparation, circulation, grading and drainage and budget.
  6. Budget: G. V. Enterprises will control budget (if assigned) by setting budget goals after all team members are consulted. The District's purchasing and accounting department will be utilized to its fullest extent to assure compliance with the State Procurement requirements. This is extremely important to keep team continuity, morale and audit control. Along with the budget constraints, a cash flow to the accounting staff (District) shall be generated to show all expenditure activity. This function is generally limited to construction by most Project Management firms. G. V. Enterprises will take all costs (funding sources) into consideration for a complete District cash flow. Total project scheduling is part of the phase of the program.
  7. Bid and Other Contract Document Review: Review all bidding documents as prepared by the Architect (if involved) and recommend any necessary changes. Assist the Architect and District in bidding process, review of bids and award recommendation to the Board.
Construction Phase:
  1. Project Meetings: G. V. Enterprises would anticipate a minimum of one meeting per week per project with the design staff for each project. The progress will be discussed to make sure all District considerations are either met or a written reason is generate back to the District to explain why the programming was not met. The District would then review and comment before programming/design or construction is complete.
  2. Scheduling: Milestone scheduling would be formed to give all team members information regarding site selection (location) completion date (if applicable), design completion date, site work, pre-order (if required) of equipment, both District and contractor items, District move-in coordinating items, underground utility (both offsite and onsite installation), start and stop dates to form a general sequence of construction activities from a point forward to include but be limited to electrical, mechanical plumbing, fire sprinkler, structural roofing and any other specialized construction activities. The schedule would indicate permit review time with all agencies required (Health Department, State Fire Marshall, city municipalities, building department and any required special education review authorities).
  3. Site Visitation: G. V. Enterprises would supply a Project Manager, to manage the project(s) and give sufficient support to insure the District that all contract items are accomplished. G. V. Enterprises would represent the District, and act though the design authority (if required) to correct any possible deficiencies in the project. Specifically, the Architect (if applicable) would be given directive, rather than the contractor, assuming the Architect is heading a complete design staff and is named for this function in their contract to the District. This would be accomplished in meetings at each site once per week to hold project continuity. It should be noted that on other projects managed by our staff, we have been able to coordinate and expedite all design staff work. All pay applications would be initialed by G. V. Enterprises to certify all amounts are true and correct to the best of our knowledge. This function requires all team members meeting and agreeing on the pay application at once to save time.
  4. Contract Work Scope: Changes will be reviewed by G. V. Enterprises for complete detail checking.
Post Construction Services:
  1. As-Built Conditions: As-built conditions shall be verified or recorded to verify all as-built utility installation.
  2. Close-Out Data: Closeout data would be reviewed and transmitted to the District (if approved by G. V. Enterprises).
  3. Warranty: One-year and two-year walk-through inspections would be mandatory. G. V. Enterprises would have the Architect/Engineer of Record (if applicable), the contractor(s) and the District attend. All warranty issues would be satisfied at the close of the two-year term (one year, ten months). If the items were not completed, G.V Enterprises would give recommendation to the District regarding how to get Architect/Engineer or the contractor to respond to their contractual obligations.

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